Study 3: “Tender Moments With David”

Subscribe to “The Den of Sin” on iTunes Phyllis the Frankenstein speaks with David Castillo, the man behind musical projects Pizza Time, Panaderia, and David & Company, as well as the online music festival Bummeroo, and the record label Tender Moments.  David speaks lovingly of his friends in music, and talks about his plans to […]

Who the Fuck is Bean Head?

I am Bean Head, an unemployed, self loathing 18 year old who, instead of studying or trying to find a job, makes shitty music. I stared playing guitar at 16 because I wanted to be Frank Black. By 17, I was playing bass in a band called Hollow Heads. Hollow Heads broke up and I […]

A Review of DIIV’s “Is the Is Are”

If I disengage to the extent that Zachary has, this is lovely. DIIV are more or less to dream pop/post-punk what Real Estate are to jangle pop.  Lots of pretty tones and atmosphere masking weak songwriting, a lack of new ideas, and an inability to present old ideas in a way that is interesting or fun. I can appreciate […]