Experiment 3: “The Bronze Icon”


TS revels in their new found happiness and love, Phyllis has learned to speak, the Den of Smiles is established, and an interview with Donald Trump goes horribly awry because goddamn Lootatarians.


  1. “The Faith Healer” Redd Kross
  2. “Shut Up and Love Me” Howie Moonlight
  3. “Dirty Dreamer (XXX)” Hot Flash Heat Wave
  4. “Beverly” Brock Winthrop
  5. “Next to You” Joey Joey Michaels
  6. “Sweet Sweet Heart” The Vibrators
  7. “Stay a While” Marvelous Mark
  8. “Love Is Code” NODZZZ
  9. “Can I Walk You Home” Hanoi Jens
  10. “Baby” Tomorrows Tulips
  11. “Tu Cancion” Pizza Time
  12. “Mystery Michael” Velvet Davenport
  13. “4 U” HOOPS
  14. “Not Too Close” The Tough Shits
  15. “The Way I Feel When I’m With You” Pookie and the Poodlez
  16. “Hamms” Frozen Pizza Disaster
  17. “Lover’s Rock” The Clash
  18. “No Sleep” Babewatch
  19. “This Kind of Feeling” Sunflower Bean
  20. “Charm” Free Weed
  21. “Ecstasy” The Raspberries
  22. “Satisfied” Burning Itch
  23. “Alone With You” Tranzmitors
  24. “Pretty One” Jaime Rae
  25. “Her Flesh” The Jeanies
  26. “The Heart” Those Pretty Wrongs
  27. “Smile” The Fall

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