Study 1: “It’s Trash!”


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The Den of Sin becomes the Den of Trash when Phyllis the Frankenstein speaks with Jesse Allison, the man behind record label and radio program “It’s Trash!”, and drummer for London, Ontario’s Klazo.

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  1. “It’s Trash” The Cave Men
  2. “You Won’t See Me Go” Terminal Licks
  3. “Kiss My Ass” Chachi on Acid
  4. “You Say No” Strange Attractor
  5. “Good Germans Great Employees” BSHC
  6. “Stiff Blue Eyes” Chloroform
  7. “Shut In” Excelsior
  8. “Up Front (Wipers cover)” The Syndrome
  9. “Sludge” Foam
  10. “Excuse Me” Manager
  11. “Whatever Song the First One on the A-side of Bud Mild Is” Poser
  12. “You Can Have Him” Klazo
  13. “Probably Not Important” Heart Attack Kids
  14. “She’s So Serious” Noble Savages
  15. “It Ain’t Enough” Flesh Rag
  16. “The Sea of Love” Radiation Risks
  17. “VANCAB” Plasmalab
  18. “I’ll Miss You” Terminal Licks

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