Study 2: “Dick Young”


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TS conducts an epic interview spanning over two days with Richard “Dick” Young, founder of Straight-to-Tape Records and “twin brother” of member of Tuscon psychedelic rock outfit Wight Lhite.  Pneumonia, sexy giraffes, and “herbal cigarettes” are discussed. Also some music things.


  1. “Rock and Roll” Wight Lhite
  2. “The Words That Maketh Murder” PJ Harvey
  3. “Paper Cuts” Broadcast
  4. “Loud Heavy Sun” The Butterscotch Cathedral
  5. “Supersonic Rocket Ship” The Kinks
  6. “Golden Hours” Brian Eno
  7. “Redondo Beach” Patti Smith
  8. “Jaunito Laguna” The Myrrors
  9. “Teen Creeps” No Age
  10. “Brite Lites” American Monoxide
  11. “Evan Evan” Pale Dian

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