A Review of Amyl and the Sniffers’ “Giddy Up”

giddy up

So apparently this band formed in February, and recorded this EP in the same month, which tempts me to call bullshit because this short little set of songs, while simple in style, emanate an aura of maturity and confidence nigh unheard of in such an early stage of a band’s life.  Influences seem clear enough, sure.  Opener “Pleasure Forever” immediately recalls X-Ray Spex, while the melodic jaunt “Caltex Cowgirl” highlights front-woman Amy’s sweet nasal croon, reminiscent of Lydia Lunch.  “Mandalay” finds finds her phrasing with a deadpan swagger you’d expect to find in a Black Randy and the Metrosquad companion band back in the 80s, and “Stole My Push Bike” serves as the most simple and effective track, defined by drumming which is pummeling and repetitive in a primal sense, while Amy snarls and yelps “YOU STOLE MY PUSH BIKE, AND I WANT IT BACK!”  The band seems to have cut their teeth on the best of the bizarro post-punk of decades past, as well as the raw, primitive, simple, and effective sounds of 50s and 60s garage, tossed those elements in a blender, and created their own smoothie with its own distinct taste.  Also, Amy, as I’ve hinted at, has incredible vocal charisma.  I didn’t realize how badly I’ve needed a band fronted by a badass Aussie chick who probably beats up perverted men in her underclothes and then goes to smoke a joint with a grizzly bear or some shit.  I think I’m off-topic now, but yeah, this rules.

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Here’s the EP:


And here’s a music video:

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