A (Brief) Review of Zayn’s “Mind of Mine”


tHiS iS kInDa lIkE a mIgUeL rEcOrD, iF iNsTeAd oF bEiNg a lIvInG, bReAtHiNg, sExUaLlY cAtHaRtIc mAn, hE wAs a rObOt wItH tHe cOnCiOuSnEsS oF a fIfTeEn yEaR oLd bOy.

“PILLOWTALK” sUcKs lEsS tHaN tHe rEsT, i gUesS.  i gUeSs iT cOuLd bE wOrSe.

iT cOuLd bE a oNe dIrEcTiOn rEcOrD.

(cLiCk hErE tO sEe rAtInG)



a bEtTeR aLtErNaTiVe:

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