A Review of Petite League’s “No Hitter”

petite league

Hey man, it’s summer!  Let’s rap on a summer album!

No Hitter is Petite League’s follow up to their debut last October, Slugger.  Slugger was pretty good, man.  It was a nice, fun, catchy listen, but it sounded a bit like an album by one of many bands that could’ve found themselves in high school party rom-com flick.  Not a slight, but not a boon either.  I’m glad to say after Slugger, Petite League seem to have hit the batting cages and improved on the form of their swing, as well as beefed up their production, and focused on the acute details of their song-craft.

No Hitter doesn’t invent or re-invent any wheels here, it’s just a high quality wheel, and high quality wheels do what they need to do.  There are several great garage pop jams on this thing (“Annie”, “Zookeeper”, “French New York”) that will please your ears and stick in your head.  Petite League has a really warm, fuzzy guitar tone that feels like a nice cuddle, and the melodies are breezy and smooth on No Hitter, where as they were a bit stiffer on Slugger.  The standout on here is “Raspberry Seeds”, the only track to open with acoustic guitar, later joined by a clean Real Estate-esque backing melody that bursts into loud blasts of the aforementioned warm fuzz.  The musical interplay is at its peak on this track, and the lyrics and vocals are really sweet too, seemingly from the perspective of a father to his kid.

Along with Weezer’s recent self-titled white album, let this soundtrack your summer fun:  Weezer in the car on the way to the beach, No Hitter for the light beach party, where you drink enough to get buzzed but not shitfaced and just have a good, chill time with friends.  Even with the drinking, this time you should have no problem remembering the melodies the next morning.

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No Hitter:

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