A Review of PKEW PKEW PKEW’s s/t LP

pkew pkew pkew

“I wanna be the Steve Albini of dumb party music.  I wanna be totally pretentious about unpretentious shit.  “Man, check out this dumb party band, they’re the most dumb party.”  “Fuck that band, those guys are poseurs, they aren’t truly dumb party.”  Yeah, that’d be sick.” – me, a while back

Toronto’s PKEW PKEW PKEW are what you might get if the E Street Band were modern-day twenty-somethings and grew up on Andrew WK.  As someone who loves a good band who writes loud, catchy, amped up songs about nothing important (Ramones?), you might assume I would love this album.


This album is just so damn fun.  Fun, fun, even with a nun.  Fun, fun, fun, pull out your pellet guns, party like it’s 1991.

I’m not going to analyze this too deeply because it would like picking apart a Ramones album, which is stupid too.  Most of the songs are about pizza, beer, and friends.  There’s some “Dancing in the Dark” buried in “Asshole Pandemic”.  I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, and I don’t really care, it’s just funny and adds to the whole experience.  They also have a song called “Glory Days” which isn’t a cover but still makes me laugh because Springsteen.  “Mid-20’s Skateboarder” is… fuck gold, pure platinum.  “Mid twenties skateboarder, I hope I don’t get hurt” is such a brilliantly stupid line and it’s hammered into the listener.  Simplicity is efficiency.  You can take that line at face value, but you can just as easily apply it to any struggle involved with the transition into adulthood.  The band’s solution is beer, and telling adulthood it can go fuck itself.  The whole album is telling adulthood to fuck right the fuck off.  Other songs include “Hangin’ Out”, “Let’s Order a Pizza” and “Before We Go Out Drinking”.  You get the idea.

Every damn word is a hook, we’ve got gang vocals galore, and there’s not even the tiniest little hint that these guys made this record for any other reason than to have a really good time, and facilitate good times for others.  This is some sort of classic.

Man, check out this dumb party band, they’re the most dumb party.

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