A Review of Super FM’s “Fuckbird Barnacle”

fuckbird barnacle

How much analysis does an album called Fuckbird Barnacle demand?  I doubt Super FM would want me to over analyze this.  The album cover is a cartoon style drawing with a naked man with a soft, shitty body (much like mine) staring in a mirror with a dripping crystal formation on it.  I don’t know if the crystals originated from the mirror, or if the man puked them onto the mirror.  Maybe it means the man is crystals?  What does that mean?  Fuckbird Barnacle is loony fucking nonsense, and I’m into loony fucking nonsense.

It’s a garage punk album.  No innovation in sound, really, but the guitars sound fat, the tone is great and manages to distinguish the band from many of their contemporaries.  Also, the guitarist occasionally likes to go “fuck this song, I’m gonna do a weird lil alien riff”, and then he does, and it’s cool.  He probably listens to Mr. Bungle.  Actually, all these guys probably really dig Mike Patton.  And the Dead Milkmen.

Lyrics range from “TV set is broken, fuck you” in “Dad Clone” to the intro of “Nullo”, which is “Okay, super, this is a song about cutting off your dick and your balls“.  I could take the time picking these lines apart bit by bit, trying to explain what they mean, but I don’t know that I could truly understand what deep philosophical truths Super FM is trying to bestow upon our consciousnesses.

This is a really stupid album.  In a good way.  It’s a little short on hooks, and if you’re lame and don’t like dumb fun, you’ll hate this because dumb fun is the name of the game.  But as someone who really wishes more stupid bands would throw themselves into the art of dumbness, this is pretty refreshing.

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Fuckbird Barnacle:


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