Study 3: “Tender Moments With David”


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Phyllis the Frankenstein speaks with David Castillo, the man behind musical projects Pizza Time, Panaderia, and David & Company, as well as the online music festival Bummeroo, and the record label Tender Moments.  David speaks lovingly of his friends in music, and talks about his plans to expand Tender Moments into an art outreach program.  Also, announcements about Some Weird Sin Records’ involvement with David in the future.


  1. “Una” Panaderia
  2. “Gettin’ Outta Town” Dr. Paul
  3. “Before Soon” Ben E. Gringo and his Popkorn of Feer
  4. “Dove’s Test” Loko Ono
  5. “Go Go Away From Me” Pookie & the Poodlez
  6. “You Know I Love You” Big White
  7. “Rock N Roll Alien” Step-Panther
  8. “Quicksilver Screen” Jessie Jones
  9. “Zentai” K!lled By
  10. “Long Long Hair” The Lemons
  11. “Hand 4 Hire” Emotional
  12. “Laws Don’t Belong” French Kettle Station
  13. “Population Control” Bang Play!
  14. “Digital Rock ‘n’ Roll” Cop Circles
  15. “Flock” Docile Rottweiler
  16. “God’s World” 2KWUTEVA
  17. “The Talking Drums of Ghana” Alex Fischer
  18. “Levi the Hippie Kid” David & Company


Check out Panaderia and David & Company.



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