A Review of D-Sagawa’s “I Want to Die Suffering”



I stumbled upon this record and thought it might be an amusing little novelty due to the band name inspired by Issei Sagawa, our favorite Japanese murderer/cannibal, and instead I got SWALLOWED THE FUCK WHOLE.

This is hardcore punk at its most brutal, savage, and evil.  Black as the fucking void, crusty as a delicious human corpse that’s been left out too long.  The only thing even comparable to this in heaviness I’ve heard so far this year is Nails’ most recent, but even that record isn’t as abashedly violent as this.  The raw recording quality and the harsh wall of sound created by the guitars and cymbal crashes are reminiscent of Norwegien black metal; this shit is like the sound of all the members of Discharge gang-banging Varg Vikernes.  Listening to this is like being eaten alive while having my knees smashed to pieces with a sledgehammer and I love every damn minute.

Not that it fucking matters (D-Sagawa would have you believe nothing matters), the creature making those evil fucking mouth noises is named “Jessica Campbell”.  JESSICA FUCKING CAMPBELL.  That’s a nice girl name, that’s the girl you take home to meet your lame ass family at Thanksgiving, but Jessica’s like “FUCK THAT SHIT I HATE TURKEY I WANNA EAT YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU”.

This came completely out of nowhere a few days ago.  There’s barely any info on this band, I don’t even think they play shows yet.  But this is way too good to go under the radar, this’ll find its way into a Reddit thread or some other lame shit and these guys will probably blow the fuck up.

Another incredible hardcore release in 2016.

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I Want to Die Suffering:


One thought on “A Review of D-Sagawa’s “I Want to Die Suffering”

  1. I’ve been to most of their shows and let me tell you, they’re as killer in person as they are in their recording. If not better. Jess is super cool, and has a brutal and loud voice. Def check their fb page for events.


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