A Review of Flesh Rag’s “Stay Away”

stay away

Flesh Rag’s recent Stay Away EP is an improvement over their It Ain’t Enough EP.  There’s less variety here as far as styles go, but overall this is higher in energy than their last 7″ and while the band is good at the slower weary garage rockers, they’re much more suited to go down this route of Rocket From the Crypt-esque, high octane, raw shredding punk.  The song “Stay Away” immediately cues to the listener that the production serves to make this set of songs sound more dynamic than the last, and the guitar tone is fantastic.  There’s actually a really cool guitar solo in this one (that’s weird to type about a 2016 release) that falls apart (in a good way), and the addition of harmonica towards the end is welcome.  Drums sound a lot fuller than they did on It Ain’t Enough too.  “Tonight” is the best example of the “rawer Rocket From the Crypt” sound Flesh Rag does really well and is closest the stuff that you’d find on their self-titled LP.  Super fun track.  “Watch It Burn” is the “Ugly Death” of this one, a short, fast punker, but this one’s a lot more exciting and sound from a songwriting perspective.

It’s kinda weird reviewing a lot of punk because usually it’s all about how well a simple sound is executed rather than talking about a bunch of different audio tricks.  This is just really good punk ‘n’ roll, not too much more to it than that.

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Stay Away:


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