A Review of Heavy Flow’s s/t LP (I & II)

heavy flow

Let me preface this review by saying this is a compilation of two EPs into an LP.  The first EP was released in 2014, while the second was released this year.  I’m reviewing them as one release because this is the first time both of them have been released on physical format (cassette on King Pizza), they’re released together, and again, the new songs (II) debuted through this release.  So yeah, it’s a comp, but it’s not the Beatles’ Greatest Hits or some shit.  It makes sense to do it this way.  To me.

Now that that’s out of the way, this is Heavy Flow, a two-piece ’70s hard blues rock style band from New Jersey.  As you might guess from their band name, they are heavy, and they flow.  Like thick molasses.  I mentioned these guys are a two-piece.  Yeah, they have no bassist.  It’s not really a big deal though.  Actually, it both distinguishes the band from others of their stoner rock ilk (the “no bass thing” is common among the Black Keys clones, but these guys have more in common with Sleep), and forces them to compensate by making the guitar tone really. fucking. fat.  The way this thing’s recorded, mixed, and mastered makes this record sound kinda like a really clear rehearsal session that went off without any big hiccups, which is pretty cool and creates a sense of intimacy, as opposed to the homogenized played up “fill every sound gap with perfectly engineered guitar fuzz” aesthetics that can make this kinda thing lame.

Songwriting is pretty steadily above average, not any one track stands a full head over any other, but the songs are distinct enough.  Maybe “Won’t Be Me” is my favorite?  The drumming on that one’s really cool, less focus on being heavy and moves at a groovy little stutter step.

This is really good.  It doesn’t really stray too much from its forefathers, but it doesn’t really need to.  If you’re nostalgic for heavy rockin’ days past, Heavy Flow’s a good fix.  I’m gonna go light something, put this on again, and sink into my couch.

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A-side (EP I):


B-side (EP II):


Buy the tape from King Pizza

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