A Review of Terminal Licks’ s/t EP

terminal licks

The last of the It’s Trash! releases I’ll be covering (for now), we have Terminal Licks’ self-titled EP.

This record is very reminiscent of the kinetically driven, fast and loose style of power pop that the Exploding Hearts did a little over ten years ago with Guitar Romantic.  These guys are less bratty and a bit tighter as a band, which may be the difference between you liking this less or more than that record, but I’ll bank on you liking this if Guitar Romantic did it for you.  As a guy who hoped the Exploding Hearts might “save” mainstream rock, this definitely scratched an itch.

This is just really well written, high energy, infectiously catchy rock ‘n’ roll.  At its peaks (“You Won’t See Me Go”, “Come Over Tonight”) these guys are churning out some of the best power pop in recent history, and even at its weakest (“Diggin’ a Grave”), it’s high octane fun that passes in a flash.

Unfortunately, all great things seem doomed not to last.  This seems to be this extent of what we’ll get from Terminal Licks, as drummer Vassil Mester passed before this EP was released.  I don’t know if the other members are currently involved in other projects, or will be in the future, but it’s something I’ll be keeping an ear to the ground for.  As sad as it is, this circumstance serves to add a poetic sense to closer “I’ll Miss You”, which in turn becomes the most powerful song here.

Terminal Licks’ self-titled EP is an excellent power pop record.  I wish there was more coming, but as it stands, every fan of the genre should have a copy of this in their record collection.

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Terminal Licks’ self-titled EP:


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