A (Brief) Review of M83’s “Junk”


The album’s called Junk.  And it’s junk.  Get it?  GET IT?!

“a love child of crystal castles and neon Indian imo…” – lux bledstone

“This band is all about experimentation. If you can’t appreciate new things, then you’re not a fan of the roots of M83. I’ll always love you guys” – TBFilms

For people who like the idea of the Punky Brewster theme song, but wish it was less catchy and smothered in fart synths, limp funk bass, unbearable guitar solos, and some of the most over-the-top ridiculous sax ever committed to record.  Cheesy, in a post-ironic way, not a fun way.

(Click here to see rating)

A funny, funny joke (I swear I’ve heard this piano riff in a crummy Supertramp song):


The Punky Brewster theme song:


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