A (Brief) Review of DJ Khaled’s “Victory”


If this is Victory, let’s all hope DJ Khaled doesn’t record Defeat and cause the universe to cave in on itself.

Guest “artists” run the gamut from T-Pain, Usher, Soulja Boy, Boosie Badazz, and Pitbull, among others.  If I have to explain to you why this isn’t a positive, this probably isn’t where you belong.  This whole record is product, just like the rest of DJ Khaled’s career: an excuse for a bunch of rich people to fuck around like lazy idiots and suck up the money from the bottom while doing it.  This is making our planet dumber, like really loud fluoride in your drinking water.

All I do is 1★, 1★, 1★, no matter what…

(Click here to see rating)

A McDonald’s chicken nugget, complete with artificial growth hormone:




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