A Review of Spirit Ghost’s s/t EP

spirit ghost

Back when I was Coog Radio’s music director, the first band I ever set up a premiere for was a group who went by Sexy Girls from Amherst, Massachusetts.  A year and a half passes, I’m doing this, and Sexy Girls are now Spirit Ghost, a band an awful lot like Sexy Girls, but with better songs and a more full sound.

This is a relatively straight-forward, tightly written garage rock EP that fans of bands such as the Growlers and Harlem should eat up.  While the sound is by no means groundbreaking, Alex and company are playing with sound a little more than on Kicking Gravestones, probably most evidently on opener “Cult King” which features really cool jolts of guitar so freaked out on reverb that they sound a bit like a motorcycle engine.  It’s pretty sick, sounds kinda like what might happen if John Dwyer binged on Black Lips records.  The two middle tracks are solid pop (“Don’t You Ever” a little more than solid), and the closing title track is a great little haunting dirge of a track with echoed vocals and rattling tambourine held together by the mantra “Scared, all we are is scared“.

Is Spirit Ghost’s new EP going to knock you flat on your ass?  Probably not.  Is it a set of 4 good to really good songs that is pleasing to the ear, solidly written, and thoroughly enjoyable throughout its run time?  Yeah, it is.

(Click here to see rating)

The EP is pay-what-you-want, so check it below:

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