A (Brief) Review of Kid Cudi’s “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven”


Somehow manages to make Lil Wayne’s Rebirth look like a Mensa grant-worthy idea.

A rapper who plays guitar like he has no fingers decides to record a rock album (okay, we have Lil Wayne’s Rebirth at this point), so he takes a bunch of LSD and plays Nirvana’s Nevermind until the album and his mind utterly annihilate each other.  All traces of Kid Cudi’s mental health wiped from existence, he uses the 4 chords he learned from his copy of “Baby’s First Punk Book” to shit out 90+ minutes of useless material with lyrics and vocals both insane and dull, broken up by Beavis and Butthead skits.

Get some help, Scott.  Get some fuckin’ help.

(Click here to see rating)

Hank Hill listens to “The Return of Chip Douglas”:


Andy Samberg in studio with Kid Cudi:


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