Welcome to the Rebirth of Some Weird Sin Records!

Ladies and gentlemen, outsiders and inbetweeners, I am TS Denizen, the sole proprietor of Some Weird Sin Records.

As you may or may not be aware, Some Weird Sin Records was started a little over a year ago by then 20-year-old, Travis Phillips.  Things were going splendidly at first.  However, things went too well, and Travis thought he could help everyone.  He thought he could conquer the world, one cassette at a time.  He had a good thing going, but his ambition was misguided.  Some Weird Sin Records, in time, became quantity over quality, a D-rate Burger Records with nary a mention, to put it kindly.  He strayed from his roots, and like any stray, he had to be put down.

A couple months ago, I took over the operation of Some Weird Sin Records and have been doing my best to deal with the fall out, and refocus the brand into something special that can at last approach the lofty goals Travis had.  This will take time, but I am committed to rectifying the mistakes of the past, and creating a new entertainment experience.

Before we get into the new, I must first address the old: two of our releases that were supposed to be released on vinyl, Some Weird Sin Vol. 1 and Indonesian Junk’s self-titled debut LP, have yet to be realized in the format.  We have had pressing plant issues, which seem all too common these days, but we have found a solution to this problem.  It costs money, but it’s money well spent.  Regarding the Indonesian Junk LP, we have ordered another pressing from a different plant, and test pressings are in after a spectacularly short time.

We expect the finished products to finally be available to you next month (we now have the experience to indicate that it will happen).  However, in the meantime, we feel just terrible making Indonesian Junk (and you) wait so long, so we’ve decided to do some cassettes for them (and you).  First, we have a cassette of a live show the band did, called So Live, So Devastating.  Some dedicated fans may already have a copy of this tape (the band has 2 copies left of an original, low key press), but we will be doing a run of 150 copies, available to purchase from either us, or the band themselves.  In addition to that, we will also be doing a cassette edition of the Indonesian Junk LP, with the songs from the Crimes 7″ and Some Weird Sin Vol. 1‘s “I Would Never Treat You Like That”.  There will also be 150 of those, and whoever has held their pre-order for the IJ vinyl will have copies of each shipped to them, free of charge.

so live
New cassette coming 7/26

So Live, So Devastating:


indonesian Junk
Cassette coming 7/25, vinyl coming 8/22 (finally)

Indonesian Junk’s s/t LP:


Speaking of Some Weird Sin Vol. 1

The news regarding this is bittersweet.  We have a solution for these records, but it will unfortunately take a little more time due to cost (I do not make money doing this, I make money TO do this).  That being said, I have a release date that I am confident in.  Halloween.  And once again, in the meantime, we will be doing a cassette edition of the compilation, 300 copies, and everyone who has held their pre-order will receive one free.  All three of these cassettes will be available on July 26th, 11 days from now.

Cassette coming 7/26, vinyl coming 10/31 (also finally)

Now addressing the future:

After releasing music from more than 30 different acts last year, it is clear that doing so was a mistake.  Such chaos did not breed financial reward, only stress.  So we are now focusing our efforts on 10 main acts, those being:


Bean Head & Donutboy

David & Co.

Dirty Princes

Imp of Perverse

Indonesian Junk

Knights of the Fire Kingdom

Psychic Wave

Strawberry Jacuzzi

The Thons

These are our long term, “vinyl” bands, and will be receiving the vast majority of the label’s attention.  In exchange, members of each act will write for this website, a music blog written by musicians.  We hope you will find this compelling, as the artists cover vast geography, several genres, and very different viewpoints.  You may find the above to be an odd grouping, but with diversity brings clarity, and I think you’ll find the Some Weird Sin experience will become like no other.

With that, I have a few release announcements:

On August 29th, Babewatch will be releasing their debut LP, Wasted Time.  Astro Lizard will be handling cassettes.

Wasted Time.jpg
Vinyl out 8/29

Check out “Darken My Door”, “Brian”, and “No Sleep” off of Wasted Time:

On September 20th, we have a split LP between Imp of Perverse and Psychic Wave, titled Wave of Perversion.

WP cover
Vinyl and cassette out 9/20

Check out Psychic Wave’s “Melt Me (Like a Sunbeam)” and Imp of Perverse’s “Sparklehorse Gordon” from Wave of Perversion:

And on November 8th, we’ll be doing Strawberry Jacuzzi’s Watch the Clock on vinyl.  I believe Grabbing Clouds will be handling tapes.

watch the clock
Vinyl out 11/8

Check out “Bitch Jam” from Watch the Clock:

Expect a couple more goodies from Bean Head and Donutboy, as well as Dirty Princes, in that time frame.  We have much planned for them, but that’s for another time.

As you may have guessed, we will still, on occasion, do one-off cassettes.  We’ll be officially announcing the first soon, and we’ll have some more big announcements shortly after that.

Thank you for your continued patience as we crystallize, and feel free to contact us about anything and everything.  I’m sure there are things I’ve overlooked, and I want Some Weird Sin to be a project of the people, so let me know what I can do for you.


TS Denizen

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