Study 3: “Tender Moments With David”

Subscribe to “The Den of Sin” on iTunes Phyllis the Frankenstein speaks with David Castillo, the man behind musical projects Pizza Time, Panaderia, and David & Company, as well as the online music festival Bummeroo, and the record label Tender Moments.  David speaks lovingly of his friends in music, and talks about his plans to […]

Study 2: “Dick Young”

Subscribe to “The Den of Sin” on iTunes TS conducts an epic interview spanning over two days with Richard “Dick” Young, founder of Straight-to-Tape Records and “twin brother” of member of Tuscon psychedelic rock outfit Wight Lhite.  Pneumonia, sexy giraffes, and “herbal cigarettes” are discussed. Also some music things. Playlist: “Rock and Roll” Wight Lhite […]

Study 1: “It’s Trash!”

Subscribe to “The Den of Sin” on iTunes The Den of Sin becomes the Den of Trash when Phyllis the Frankenstein speaks with Jesse Allison, the man behind record label and radio program “It’s Trash!”, and drummer for London, Ontario’s Klazo. Buy “It’s Trash!” records Listen to the “It’s Trash!” radio program Playlist: “It’s Trash” […]

Experiment 3: “The Bronze Icon”

TS revels in their new found happiness and love, Phyllis has learned to speak, the Den of Smiles is established, and an interview with Donald Trump goes horribly awry because goddamn Lootatarians. Playlist: “The Faith Healer” Redd Kross “Shut Up and Love Me” Howie Moonlight “Dirty Dreamer (XXX)” Hot Flash Heat Wave “Beverly” Brock Winthrop […]

Experiment 2: “The Phyllis Kopper Auditory Torture Regimen”

TS names their Frankenstein bitch, accidentally orders a hit, discovers their inner music producer, and learns that slavery isn’t very gorgeous. Playlist: “I’m Shot” MAMA “Astro Zombies” Misfits “Slave Girl” Lime Spiders “Boys Girls” Clorox Girls “Perks and the Thrills (Pills)” Constant Mongrel “It’s So Big It’s Florescent” M.O.T.O. “I Am Romance” Flesh Lights “You Know […]

Experiment 1: “Frankenstein Bitch”

Welcome to the Den of Sin!  In this premiere episode, TS Denizen explains their unusual diet, says a few words on the social impact and mythology of Prince, and makes themselves a Frankenstein bitch.  Plus, songs by classic artists such as Todd Rundgren, Blue Oyster Cult, and Wire, as well as new favorites Indonesian Junk, […]