A Review of Johnny Otis Dávila’s “P.I.F.F.”

For those who don’t already know, Johnny Otis Dávila is probably best known for his work on guitar in the now defunct Dávila 666, probably the biggest band in Puerto Rican garage rock the past decade.  Since Dávila 666, Johnny’s been part of Terror Amor (still playing with AJ), and now we have this, where Johnny takes front […]

A (Brief) Review of M83’s “Junk”

The album’s called Junk.  And it’s junk.  Get it?  GET IT?! “a love child of crystal castles and neon Indian imo…” – lux bledstone “This band is all about experimentation. If you can’t appreciate new things, then you’re not a fan of the roots of M83. I’ll always love you guys” – TBFilms For people who […]

A Review of LUMPS’ “Curses!”

LUMPS’ Curses! LP starts off with 3, count ’em, 3 catchy, relatively straightforward power pop punk tracks in “No Sweat”, “Spirit Sweat”, and “Sleep Tight”.  Up until track 4, the vibe I was getting from this was that I was in store for a really great set of pop punk tunes that featured some interesting guitar to distinguish […]

A Review of Heavy Flow’s s/t LP (I & II)

Let me preface this review by saying this is a compilation of two EPs into an LP.  The first EP was released in 2014, while the second was released this year.  I’m reviewing them as one release because this is the first time both of them have been released on physical format (cassette on King […]

A Review of Terminal Licks’ s/t EP

The last of the It’s Trash! releases I’ll be covering (for now), we have Terminal Licks’ self-titled EP. This record is very reminiscent of the kinetically driven, fast and loose style of power pop that the Exploding Hearts did a little over ten years ago with Guitar Romantic.  These guys are less bratty and a […]

A Review of Jicky’s “Disappointed”

Pop punk is kinda a weird thing.  It’s a genre aimed primarily at young people, but the only stuff that doesn’t get shit on in critical circles is stone-faced, serious, grown adult shit and the rest gets mocked as dumb Warped Tour bands.  And yeah, most of the goofy pop punk these days sucks.  That’s […]