Front (left to right): Peter, Eli; back (left to right): Callum, Chase

Formed in Santa Cruz and now based in Oakland, the musical development of Babewatch has followed a similar trajectory. While they still retain the surf tinged sound of their days playing college house shows and DIY events, their newer songs are more influenced by the garage and post-punk sounds of the East Bay. Wasted Time, set to come out this August, is the culmination of this.

Comprised of guitarists/singers Peter Kegler and Callum Beals, bassist Chase Eiseman, and drummer Eli Lyons, Babewatch has been described as “energetic, almost spooky psych rock” by The Bay Bridged. From folkloric odes like “Brian” to the reflective ennui of “No Sleep” and “Wasted Time,” the subject matter of their newest album has become more refined with their evolution.

But Babewatch are in no way taking themselves too seriously. They’re still the band that wants to play at your house show. The Bait Shop put it best in describing them as “Santa Cruz college kids turned Oakland garage rock dads,” a sentiment they fully support.