Bean Head and Donutboy

From left to right: Donutboy, Bean Head, The Wizard, Bulldog

Who are they? What are they?

The brains and brauns behind the garagey, noisey punk goodness is Kyle Ormsby and Dawson Quail, two good ol’ boys from Sudbury, Ontario.

Slower than The Coneheads and dumber than The Urinals, the duo, armed with nothing but their tiny brains and shitty instruments, banged out a noisey, lo-fi demo simply titled “Bean EP.”

After a few months of questioning their next move, they knew what they had to do. At 12:00AM of January 1st, 2016, Bean Head and Donutboy broke into 2016 with “Bean LP”, a 11 minute recording featuring new hits such as “FUCK THE BUS” and “MY HEAD IS A COFFEE CUP”.

Deciding to emerge from the shadows and give the public what they wanted, Bean Head and Donutboy booked a show. Recruiting bassist “Bulldog” and key/lead guitar player “The Wizard”, BHDB has been taking punk music by storm, destroying all in their path.