Knights of the Fire Kingdom

From left to right: Dave, Matt, Jeoaf, Chris

“There’s little point in naming your band Knights of the Fire Kingdom if you’re going to make sweet or well-mannered pop. So the Houston band lives up to its epic moniker by building brilliantly basic rock songs with skull-cracking drums, hearty riffs and the kinds of choruses that quickly turn into chants. It’s refreshingly old-school hot-rod rock ‘n’ roll.” — Andrew Dansby, Houston Chronicle

Since forming in 2012, Knights of the Fire Kingdom have adhered strictly to the modus operandi of “the only thing that matters is to have fun.” Birthed from the desire to reclaim the spontaneous, carefree freedom of youth, Jeoaf Johnson (vocals, guitar) simply enlisted a close group of friends for “a few jams,” not knowing whether they’d end up writing any songs, playing any shows or even being a band at all. The only idea was to have fun. Flash forward a year to  the tumultuous sessions attempting to record their first full-length that ultimately resulted in the band changing personnel and recording the album twice (fun!). Once recording wrapped, the lineup was set in stone with Jeoaf, Chris Wertz (guitar, vocals), Dave Noske (bass, vocals) and Matt Garcia (drums).

Despite having the album in the can, it would not see the light of day for 2 years while the band and their label suffered headache after headache dealing with issue after issue with the pressing plant. Trying not to dwell too much on the frustrations with the album, the band set out to become a live spectacle unto itself. Donning custom-tailored, matching stage attire complete with sequins and flames, as well as DIY pyrotechnics and wide smears of glitter paint, KOFK quickly made their mark, earning 2 consecutive nominations in the annual Houston Press Music Awards, including one for Best Video for their Scott Barber directed clip for “Church of the Retarded.”


“If you’ve never seen the straight forward rock from these guys, just know that in matching outfits, they play hard to five or five hundred, and they could have more showmanship than any other rock band in town.” — David Garrick; Free Press Houston

Knights of the Fire Kingdom’s self-titled debut LP was finally released on July 3, 2015 on Little T&A Records with a release party at Fitzgerald’s that was attended by a “nuts to butts” crowd as some hazy memories would recall. The show’s audio was recorded off the soundboard along with accompanying multi-angle video, which were subsequently mixed and edited at Pigeon Eater Studios and was released October 17, 2015 as an official International Cassette Store Day selection by Some Weird Sin Records as Tonight8PM.



In addition to the live album, Knights of the Fire Kingdom contributed new material to the Some Weird Sin, Vol 1 compilation and is scheduled to follow that with their second full-length via Some Weird Sin Records, as well.

“Suddenly, my music player jumps to some random track full of retro-sounding synths and New Wave-influenced vocals, and I’m missing the Knights so damn bad. I hit the button, go back to the beginning, right back to the start of it all, and let it run right through me all over again…sometimes the only thing that’ll work for me is loud, raw, balls-out, no-frills, no-excuses rock, period. Pretty soon, I’ll be right as rain.” — Jeremy Hart; Space City Rock