Psychic Wave

Left to right: Tess, Andrew

Psychic Wave started as the solo project of Andrew Sanyshyn, playing and recording the instrumentation himself. The music takes on many sounds and that’s probably due to Andrew’s constant bouncing around between passions and daydreams. At times, he wants to be a creepy coked up underground punk thug and others he wants to be a 4th dimensional being, shifting in and out of reality. What comes out is something twisted somewhere in between.

Psychic Wave became a bigger family with the addition of Tess Sullivan on bass. Andrew and Tess currently live together in a messy apartment in Southern California. There’s always beer cans laying around and records playing. A young neo-psychedelic duo making noise somewhere between Los Angeles and the beach. The two also have a clothing company under the same name as the band. There, they can further express their blended personality into something more recognizable: neo-psychedelic warriors singing space hymns, dungeon dwelling organ players plucking the stars, shape shifting demons sipping cocktails by the pool.