The Thons

Left to right: Graham, Frank, Gregory

The Thons are a rock band from Chicago that started in 2012 by three friends, Graham, Frank and Wyatt. Their first live show was in January 2013. They recorded their debut album Raw. Real. Rock. in August of 2013 at Public House Recordings in Chicago, IL. To capture the energy of a live performance, each song was recorded as a live take with no overdubs, including the vocals. This process was used again on their second 8 track release in January of 2014 titled Thirty Foot Snake. This recording caught the attention of Richard Milne, host of WXRT Chicago’s “Local Anesthetic” and the band was invited to interview on the radio station a month after the album released. He described the third track on the album, “Here I Am” as having a guitar solo “that is the least cliched, least hackneyed series of notes [he’s] heard in quite a spell.”

In May of 2014, The Thons original drummer Wyatt left the band and was replaced with Nude Intruder drummer Greg Bry. With the change of drummers came a shift to more surf like rock and roll tones. The band started working on their third release Hot Fun throughout the last half of 2014 and released it January 2015. The album was mentioned in NME magazine and 2015 saw the release of Raw. Real. Rock., Thirty Foot Snake, and Hot Fun on cassettes courtesy of Some Weird Sin Records.

The Thons are currently working on redefining their sound and recording new songs.