A Review of PKEW PKEW PKEW’s s/t LP

“I wanna be the Steve Albini of dumb party music.  I wanna be totally pretentious about unpretentious shit.  “Man, check out this dumb party band, they’re the most dumb party.”  “Fuck that band, those guys are poseurs, they aren’t truly dumb party.”  Yeah, that’d be sick.” – me, a while back Toronto’s PKEW PKEW PKEW […]

A Review of Family Bender’s s/t EP

I generally like to joke about how the UK indie rock scene is a bland pastiche of douchey dance-punk and lame copycat bands that can’t manage to put their own spin on a sound, or even worse, pervert those sounds (every time I think about Fat White Family and how they’ve achieved greater success than […]

A (Brief) Review of Taylor Swift’s “1989”

This album winning “Album of the Year” over Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly at the Grammy Awards is kinda like NARAS telling black people to go fuck themselves the best way they know how. Not surprised in the slightest though, considering the album sounds like it was made in a board room. (Click here […]

A Review of Kaytranada’s “99.9%”

Haitian producer Kaytranada’s debut LP 99.9% is one of the most recent projects to come out of this popular wave of pop producer albums featuring loads upon loads of guest vocalists, re-surged into the spotlight by artists like Mark Ronson and Disclosure.  I like the trend.  I think it’s a good thing for radio pop, […]

A Review of Petite League’s “No Hitter”

Hey man, it’s summer!  Let’s rap on a summer album! No Hitter is Petite League’s follow up to their debut last October, Slugger.  Slugger was pretty good, man.  It was a nice, fun, catchy listen, but it sounded a bit like an album by one of many bands that could’ve found themselves in high school […]

A Review of “Noise Pollution”

So I got this cool little 7″ 4 song multi-artist compilation from It’s Trash! Records the other day (along with some others) exclusively featuring punk bands from Hamilton, ON. On the A-side we have tracks from Flesh Rag, as well as Jimmy and the Jerks, and on the B-side we’ve got Get off the Cop, […]

A Review of Animal Collective’s “Painting With”

I used to love Animal Collective, guys.  Deeply, passionately, without shame.  In middle school, Strawberry Jam was a damn revelation as to what music could be.  Songs like “Winter Wonderland”, “Fireworks”, and “For Reverend Green” (especially “For Reverend Green”) blew my pubescent mind.  I worshipped Avey Tare like a god.  They weren’t perfect, but they […]

A (Classic) Review of AFI’s “All Hallow’s E.P.”

Before AFI really hit the mainstream with their melodramatic, misguided, and sluggish worship of the Cure, they were an insipid and dull mall punk band from California.  However, in between, they experienced one of the few transitional periods that far outstripped what came before and after, All Hallow’s E.P. being the peak of that transition.  For a […]

A Review of Panaderia’s “Buena Onda”

Panaderia’s one of like a gazillion projects by David Castillo, who, among other things, is probably best known for his Pizza Time project, which is sort of dead and sort of not.  Panaderia is, more or less, the Pizza Time project shifted and slightly altered, and Buena Onda is the first release under the new banner. […]

A Review of Free Pizza’s “Berlin, DE”

At 7 tracks and approximately 13 minutes, Berlin, DE is the follow-up to Free Pizza’s great 2014 album Boston, MA (I guess they’re doing a Sufjan Stevens locational thing?), and while both are clearly works by the same band, this set of songs marks an obvious stylistic shift that serves the band well. What we have […]

Study 2: “Dick Young”

Subscribe to “The Den of Sin” on iTunes TS conducts an epic interview spanning over two days with Richard “Dick” Young, founder of Straight-to-Tape Records and “twin brother” of member of Tuscon psychedelic rock outfit Wight Lhite.  Pneumonia, sexy giraffes, and “herbal cigarettes” are discussed. Also some music things. Playlist: “Rock and Roll” Wight Lhite […]

Study 1: “It’s Trash!”

Subscribe to “The Den of Sin” on iTunes The Den of Sin becomes the Den of Trash when Phyllis the Frankenstein speaks with Jesse Allison, the man behind record label and radio program “It’s Trash!”, and drummer for London, Ontario’s Klazo. Buy “It’s Trash!” records Listen to the “It’s Trash!” radio program Playlist: “It’s Trash” […]

Experiment 3: “The Bronze Icon”

TS revels in their new found happiness and love, Phyllis has learned to speak, the Den of Smiles is established, and an interview with Donald Trump goes horribly awry because goddamn Lootatarians. Playlist: “The Faith Healer” Redd Kross “Shut Up and Love Me” Howie Moonlight “Dirty Dreamer (XXX)” Hot Flash Heat Wave “Beverly” Brock Winthrop […]

Experiment 2: “The Phyllis Kopper Auditory Torture Regimen”

TS names their Frankenstein bitch, accidentally orders a hit, discovers their inner music producer, and learns that slavery isn’t very gorgeous. Playlist: “I’m Shot” MAMA “Astro Zombies” Misfits “Slave Girl” Lime Spiders “Boys Girls” Clorox Girls “Perks and the Thrills (Pills)” Constant Mongrel “It’s So Big It’s Florescent” M.O.T.O. “I Am Romance” Flesh Lights “You Know […]

Experiment 1: “Frankenstein Bitch”

Welcome to the Den of Sin!  In this premiere episode, TS Denizen explains their unusual diet, says a few words on the social impact and mythology of Prince, and makes themselves a Frankenstein bitch.  Plus, songs by classic artists such as Todd Rundgren, Blue Oyster Cult, and Wire, as well as new favorites Indonesian Junk, […]